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Children's Euskara Teacher Wanted

Program Description: 

Koxkorrak Goiz Eskola, a program started in 2005, as an opportunity for the koxkorrak ("growing youngsters") to get exposed to Basque words through song, dance, and games. The guiding principle behind Goiz Eskola’s program is to nurture the infinite capabilities of young children while exposing them to Basque language. 

The main goal of this Basque program is for children to gain exposure to the Basque language, socialize and interact with other Basque children, and finally to experience Basque culture through music, books, media and games. At Goiz Eskola, we ask parents to help with a variety of tasks so that the program leader can fully focus on engaging with the children. 

Position: We are seeking educators who are interested in promoting Basque culture and working collaboratively with the long-term vision of the Basque Cultural Center. Salary is to be determined. 

  • Candidates must enjoy working with children (ages 4 -6) and have some teaching experience. 
  • Candidates must speak Basque fluently and have a basic understanding of and ability to communicate in English.
  • Ability to teach every Saturday (there are certain Saturdays where no class is held) for 2 hours. Exact months to be determined. 
  • Must have legal authorization to work in the United States of America

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