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Town Hall with Jasone Agirre Garitaonandia

2/17/2018: Town Hall with Jasone Agirre Garitaonandia

4:30pm - Basque Cultural Center - upstairs Board of Directors' meeting room.

Ms. Jasone Agirre Garitaonandia, who is currently a member of the Basque Parliament, representing the Basque province of Bizkaia, will hold an informal town hall meeting to discuss current events affecting the Basque Autonomous Community.

Ms. Agirre was elected to the Basque Parliament in 2016 as a member of the EH Bildu political party. Before that she was a journalist for 25 years at ETB. In EH Bildu she is involved with relations with the Basque diaspora and has visited Argentina, Uruguay and Great Britain. In the Basque Parliament she is a member of the Education Commission, EITB Control Commission, Committee on European Affairs and External Action, and is the President of the Committee on Culture, Euskara and Sport and is the Basque Parliament representative on the Advisory Council on Relations with Basque Communities and Centers.

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