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Upcoming Events & Activities

10/31/2021: Memorial Mass
Aita Antton Egiguren

11/14/2021: Esker Onesko Eguna
Thanksgiving luncheon & Information Meeting

11/19/2021: Basque Film Series
Agur Etxebeste! New Date!

12/12/2021: Eguberri Besta - Christmas Celebration
Eguberri Besta - Christmas Celebration

12/31/2021: BCC NYE
New Year's Eve Party

1/23/2022: Members free lunch and Mus tournament
One day Mus tournament format

2/19/2022 - 2/20/2022: BCC Anniversary
Annual Basque Festival

3/12/2022: N.A.B.O. Bertsolari Special Tribute
Omenaldi Berezia

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