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N.A.B.O. Bertsolari Special Tribute

3/12/2022: N.A.B.O. Bertsolari Special Tribute

The N.A.B.O. Bertsolari Special Tribute will honor the contributions of the U.S. based berstsolaris who have performed over the years at N.A.B.O. conventions, the N.A.B.O. Euskal Kantari Eguna and at the many N.A.B.O. member functions. 

This event is a re-scheduled event from its original date of March 14th, 2020.



The event will showcase the current active U.S. bertsolaris along with two others bertsolaris from the Basque Country in a full bertsolaritza performance with real time translation of the improvised verses on an adjacent screen.  The performance will be followed by a dinner.

For complete details and dinner reservation instructions please check the N.A.B.O. page:



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